Lance Picioane

“The greatest connection made is through lived experience, the greatest lived experiences are made through social connection.
Coming together for this amazing experience and having people from all walks of life share their Mental health and Wellbeing journey is a huge step for our cause and will have a positive impact on those that still suffer in silence so that we can open and normalise the conversation of one’s Mental Health journey.
Accept, Acknowledge, Action”

Riley Templeton

“I got involved in this project with Megan after going through clinical depression and knowing the impact it had on those around me and how hard it was to speak out. I have a passion for mental health awareness and I believe this book confronts issues and tries to break the stigma around mental health problems. The people within this book are from different backgrounds with their own unique stories, reflecting that mental health issues can affect anyone”

Emily O’Loughlin

“When I was asked to be involved with Be Brave Be Bold Be You I was thrilled to share my passion of exercise and how amazing getting that endorphin flow can make you feel. Depression, anxiety and mental illness is a part of life. Everybody knows somebody affected. The awareness of its impact is so important and I’m honored to be involved with these inspiring stories of human strength”

Adam Thomson

“The first time I met Megan and she explained her idea to me about her book, I couldn’t wait to get involved. The concept of raising awareness and removing the stigma around Mental Illness is a great idea and something I wish had been around early in my battle. To be able to change or make an impact on one person’s life with my story in the book would make it a success for me”

Allison Dodd

“Megan’s vision of bringing “everyday” people together with real stories, to help support and show that no one person is alone in the vortex that is mental health was simply something I had to be part of, it was a no brainer!”

Ben Bloomfield

“Being a bloke we bottle up our emotions to the point it can be destructive. If being part of this journey helps one person, it was worth telling my story”

Paige Jackson

“It took 10 years and near breakdown for me to realise that I never needed to be ashamed of my illness. I overcame it and wanted to be proof to others that no matter how long the journey we can all come out the others side the best version of ourselves. So when Megan mentioned Be Brave Be Bold Be You, I basically begged her to be apart of something so proudly stating,