All profits from the book will be donated to the Love Me Love You foundation.

Love Me Love You is a non-profit organisation that strives to empower and build resilience in young adults so that they may overcome the stigma surrounding mental health and other life hardships.

Almost one in four young Australians are unhappy with their lives. Due to the lack of awareness and the stigma surrounding mental health and substance abuse, many young adults choose to face their battles alone.

A former first round draft pick and AFL footballer, Lance Picioane established Love Me Love You in 2013 to help young adults take control of their mental wellbeing and to live happier, more fulfilling lives. As a teenager and throughout his AFL career, Lance suffered from depression and anxiety. Like many young adults, Lance chose not to ask for help, but instead turned to partying and substance abuse.

By being truthful with himself, his family and his friends, Lance turned a corner and sought help. Although he still has his down days, Lance now lives a life full of love and happiness. Love Me Love You programs are based on Lance’s experiences and are aimed at educating young adults about the importance of mental health and empowering youths to Get Back to School, Back to Sport, Back to Life!

An incredibly relatable and down to earth character, Lance and Love Me Love You have touched people from all walks of life through ongoing community initiatives such as the annual ‘March with Me’ walk, as well as hosting several workshops and ongoing events across Victoria.